OOTD Nubian

OOTD Nubian


UNWRP Luxury Stationery is elevating the gifting experience. Designed and printed in our small Brooklyn studio; each wrap is digitally printed on luxe matte paper. Comes complete with Satin Ribbon. Use it for gifts, party favors, or DIY crafting projects. 


- Made to order

- Ideal for small gift boxes

- Ribbon Included

- 100gsm paper


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LaMae Nembhard is a New York based Graphic Designer and Artist. She uses her "Nubian" art to uplift and celebrate the woman's body, mainly women of color. The crown is inspired by Queen Nefertiti, whose name means "a beautiful woman has come". She hopes her art will not only desexualize and destigmatize female nudity, but also promote a movement of self love and body empowerment in all women. 


Sheets are 17" x 22" (2 small gifts)

6' Roll is 17" x 6' (3 small gifts)

10' Roll is 17" x 10' (5 small gifts)

15' Roll is 17" x 15' (8 small gifts)


Comes Complete with:

2 yards of Satin Ribbon 

3 yards of Satin Ribbon 

5 yards of Satin Ribbon 

10 yards of Satin Ribbon