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"Proceed with caution, this one may hypnotize you – this is for the color lovers." - Laci Jordan

UNWRP Luxury Stationary is elevating the gifting experience. Designed and printed in our small Brooklyn studio; each wrap is digitally printed on luxe matte paper. Comes complete with Satin Ribbon. Use it for gifts, party favors, or DIY crafting projects. 


- Made to order

- Ideal for small gift boxes

- Ribbon Included

- 100gsm paper


UNWRP © all rights reserved

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Laci Jordan is truly a renaissance woman – Huntsville, Alabama native now LA based multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, creative director, and content creator. Inspiration for her work comes from a combination of bold colors and patterns, black and pop culture, and authenticity to self. She has mastered a unique blend of modern aesthetic mashed together with a bright color palette– versatile, timeless, fun and most importantly BOMB.


Sheets are 17" x 22" (2 small gifts)

6' Roll is 17" x 6' (3 small gifts)

10' Roll is 17" x 10' (5 small gifts)

15' Roll is 17" x 15' (8 small gifts)


Comes Complete with:

2 yards of Satin Ribbon 

3 yards of Satin Ribbon 

5 yards of Satin Ribbon 

10 yards of Satin Ribbon 


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